• Bespoke

PDS’s Bespoke conservatories are stylish and elegant to partner any home. Whether you’re looking for an open dining room, bigger living room, area for your plants or maybe just some extra room in your home.

All our conservatories will give you that extra space you want.


• Edwardian

Many people love the Edwardian conservatory design due to its likeness with a typical room in your home.

The square fronted corners of Edwardian conservatories give you plenty of space with its stylish, bright, open and informal living space perfect for dining, playing, relaxing and socialising.


• Gable

Our Gable conservatories create a stunning visual impact both internally and externally and with the high pitch of the roof they offer a real sense of height and space.

This build gives maximum living space for any given area and is completely adaptable to suit all house styles and bungalows.


• Lean-to

Lean- to Conservatories are perfect for those wanting that extra bit of living space without disturbing too much of the garden.

Whether you would like a room extending to give you more freedom in your home or maybe somewhere to relax in the sun the Lean-to conservatory can make a real difference to your home.


• Replacement

A replacement conservatory is perfect for those who are already enjoying their existing conservatory, but feel that it is looking tired, dilapidated and in need of a change.

With a conservatory already in place the time needed and costs are reduced but the product is still made to match the style you want while keeping your home safe with the most recent of locking systems.


• Victorian

The Victorian Conservatories is one of the most popular choices of conservatory when people are looking to extend their home due the luxury design and amount of space it provides.

With its very open design the Victorian Conservatory is perfect for adding a whole new room to your home and is perfect for any event or purpose. It opens up your home giving you a fantastic place to unwind any time of the year.